People are asked to fill in their abbreviations for the naming convention they are asked to use in their experiments. New entries have to take care not to use an already existing abbreviation, even of former, not active, members. Abbreviations should result from the experimenters name. You have to add your department/group.

Do not use "sst" or "ice" as abbreviation! These names might trigger a bug in old run scripts and cause data loss!
ID Name department/group not active
acs Angela Cheska Siongco AES/HerZ X
ada Anne Dallmeyer LES/Global Vegetation Modelling X
aei Astrid Eichhorn AES/Climate Dynamics X
ags Almut Gassmann OES/ICON group X
akn Ann Kristin Naumann AES/DTC
ale Alexander Lemburg LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction
aml Andreas Miller LES/??? X
and Anurag Dipankar AES/HDCP2 X
asp Aaron Spring OES
bbs Bjorn Stevens AES/Directors Group
bko Renate Brokopf AES/Climate Modelling
brp Bikash Parida LES/Global Vegetation Modelling X
ccr Christian Rodehacke OES/Ice sheet-climate interaction X
chm Christopher Moseley AES/HDCP2 X
cho Cathy Hohenegger AES/HErZ
chr Christina Boettcher X
cio Guido Cioni AES/HERZ X
clk Clarissa Kroll AES/Stratospheric Forcing and Climate
cst Claudia Stephan AES/ MUA
dak Daniel Klocke AES/CCF
dap Dian Putrasahan OES/PRIMAVERA
djc Diego Jiménez de la Cuesta Otero AES/Global Circulation and Climate
dod Declan O'Donnell AES/Aerosols, Climate-Biogeosphere interaction X
dpo Dagmar Popke. AES/Directors Group X
dpp Sapphire Dyamond - Coupled Experiments
dsg Daniel Goll LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction X
dza Davide Zanchettin OES/Millennium X
ekr Erich Roeckner AES/Climate Modelling X
elm Elisa Manzini AES/Stratosphere and Climate
flo Florian Ziemen DKRZ
frv Freja Vamborg LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction X
fxp Felix Pithan AES / global climate modelling X
ghi Gustavo Hime AES/MUA X
gra Gaby Raedel AES LICOS X
guz Guidi Zhou AES/MUA X
has Hauke Schulz AES/OBS
hsc Hauke Schmidt AES/MUA
hed Christopher Hedemann OES X
hel Helmuth Haak OES/Numerical Modelling-Model Development
hew Heinrich Widmann M&D, DKRZ X
hfr Henning Franke AES/Wave driven circulations
hst Helmut Storr AES/Climate Dynamics X
ico Automatic runs of the ICON models
igb Isaac Baffour AES/GCC
ist Irene Stemmler OES/Ocean Biogeochemistry X
jba Juergen Bader LES/AES
jcl Joern Callies LES/??? X
jhr James Ruppert AES/HerZ X
joe Julius Oelsmann OES/Directors Group X
joh Jan Haerter LES/Terrestrial Hydrology X
jot Juliane Otto LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction X
jsb Jairo Segura Bermudez SCLab/SIP
jsr Sebastian Rast MPI-Hamburg, Atmosphere
kam Katharina Meraner AES/ MUA X
kap Karsten Peters AES/CCF-Group/DKRZ
kbk Ketan Kulkarni OES/MiKlip X
khw Karl-Hermann Wieners CIMD
lpp Laura Paccini AES
lft Lorenzo Tomassini AES/Regional Climate Modelling X
ljh Junhong Lee LES/AES
lkm Luis Kornblueh CIMD
luk Lukas Kluft AES/GCC
mag Marco Giorgetta AES/Climate Modelling
mar Matthias Retsch AES/HerZ
mau Thorsten Mauritsen AES/Climate Dynamics
mbe Monika Esch AES/Climate Modelling
mbi Matthias Bittner OES/Directors Group X
mbt Martin Bergemann AES / Climate Modelling
mdb Milad Behravesh AES/Directors Group
mib Michael Botzet OES/Directors Group
mkm Modali Kameswarrao OES/MiKlip X
moc Matthias Cuntz ???/??? X
mor Moritz Mathis OES/ICON X
muw Wolfgang Mueller OES/Directors Group
nif Nils Fischer OES/Directors Group X
ots Sapphire OTS - sensitivity experiments
ppk Paul Keil AES/Global Circulation and Climate
ram Ralf Mueller DKRZ
rar Rene Redler CIMD
reh Zoe Rehder OES/Climate-Biosphere Interaction
rge Robert Getzieh LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction X
rgh Rohit Ghosh OES/Decadal prediction X
rih Rieke Heinze AES/HerZ/HDCP2 X
rmp Robert Pincus AES/Visitor (U. Colorado)
rms Reiner Schnur LES/Global Vegetation Modelling
ruy Hernan Campos CIMD
seb Sebastian Bathiany ???/??? X
ses Sebastian Schirber AES/Climate Modelling X
sfa Stefanie Falk LES/???
sfi Stephanie Fiedler AES/Global Circulation and Climate X
sfx Susanne Fuchs CIMD
slo Stephan Lorenz OES/Directors Group
skm Sebastian Müller AES/ Stratosphere and Climate X
sus ID for summerschool ISSMES
thk Thomas Krismer AES/Climate Modelling X
tif Kristina Fröhlich DWD
tkl Thomas Kleinen LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction
tks Katharina Six OES/Ocean Biogeochemistry
tob Tobias Becker AES/Climate Modelling
tha Tobias Haufschild AES/Stratosphere and Climate X
tla Theresa Lang AES/DTC
tra Thomas Raddatz LES/Global Vegetation Modelling
trc Traute Crueger AES/Climate Dynamics
uls Ulrich Schlese M&D, DKRZ X
uwe Uwe Schulzweida CIMD
vga Veronika Gayler LES/Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction
vsc Vera Schemann AES/HErZ
was Walter Sauf ???/??? X
wim Willi May DMI X
ymo Yiannis Moustakis LMU/Department For Goegraphy


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